Collection: Lapsang Souchong "Smoke in the Water" Sampler

Lapsang Souchong
(Smoke in the Water) Sampler

Lapsang Souchong is distinct from other black teas. Historically, it's even considered one of the first black teas ever created. Stories of how this tea were created go that Chinese armies had delayed the production of tea. Tea producers then decided to speed the process up by drying the leaves over the fires of the local pine trees....thus creating this uniquely smoky tea.

Solstice has catered for you a variety of flavors of this world wide favorite tea. Included are the following flavors and a flavor profile to expect.

Lapsang Souchong - The original classic flavor. Smooth yet smoky. Has a distinct bold flavor enjoyed by many.

Lapsang Chai - The flavor of Lapsang combined with the aromatics of classic Masala Chai. Enjoy Lapsang tea with a soul warming touch of herbs and spices thrown in. 

Lapsang Raspberry - Enjoy this fun mixture of our Raspberry black tea and Lapsang Souchong. Experience the sweet flavor of Raspberry initially, balancing out the boldness of Lapsang as it washes down.

Lapsang Limonello - Lapsang combined with Lemongrass, Apple, & Blackberry. Lapsang pairs well with citrus flavors due to the sharpness of citrus mellowing out the rich smoky flavor. A refreshing flavor for any time of day.

Lapsang Hazelnut - Lapsang flavored with Hazelnut. An absolute favorite from our staff. The smoky flavor combined with the rich nutty flavor of Hazelnut is almost exactly like a great cup of coffee. Loaded with rich, full flavor, perfect to start the day.

Lapsang Magnolia - The only Lapsang blend in our sampler combined with delicious Magnolia green tea. We wanted to provide a green tea experience and found a perfect blend with the rich, sweetness of Magnolia. Another favorite due to creating a lighter, almost creamy flavor. 

We hope you enjoy this Lapsang Variety as much as we did creating and blending it.

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