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Teas vary as much in appearance as the different faces of men.

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~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.

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- Joshua Wyeth, Boston Tea Party

"We were merry, in an undertone, at the idea of making so large a cup of tea for the fishes."

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Japanese Proverb

"This morning's tea makes yesterday distant."

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-John Egerton

Iced tea is too pure and natural a creation not to have been invented as soon as tea, ice, and hot weather crossed paths.

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Not any more! Due to the overwhelming demand from you fine people we've expanded beyond creating samplers to providing those same great tea options in larger quantities. Found a tea you love from one of our great samplers and gotta have more? Take a look at our sampler collections and pick up what you need.

World Renowned Sourcing

Our loose leaf teas are sourced from world famous tea regions dedicated to the best product quality and cultivation practices. Whether it's tea harvested from the gardens of Japan, the storied estates of India, the hills of China, and more amazing locations around the world...Our goal is to provide the best tea experience from across the globe.