Welcome friends, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Solstice Tea Traders started as a passing idea, and man o' man look where we've come to. I had always loved brewing in the kitchen, whether it was food or drink, I was always experimenting. Then I learned the art of tea...it's many health benefits, and the countless blends that can be created. Discovering this, I knew I would be hooked for life, and so here we are. Selling tea, and tasting life.

You know...in writing this, it's really wild to think how far Solstice has came in a short time. From starting out in a small kitchen, practically climbing over tea...Designing our first sampler label...And to sending out our first order. It's truly amazing how things have since changed, and we're all so thankful because you guys are why we have made it this far.

Our Mantra...

Solstice is built upon a foundation of friends wanting to provide a fresh face in the world of tea. We want to provide everyday tea, for everyday people...this passing phrase turned slogan was what inspired us. We collectively noticed that tea had two perceptions. So you've either got your bottled sweet and flavored iced tea, or you've got your super fancy loose leaf that intimidates anyone unfamiliar with the world of tea. We want to bridge that gap. Tea is an ancient tradition that we want to give a modern inspiration too. And we intend to do just that.

Authentic and Transparent...We always liked those words.

When we started Solstice, one of our main goals was to respond back as fast as possible to any questions or concerns you guys may have. I know I personally always loved prompt responses, but I never realized how appreciated it really was by everyone.

All tea products that we have available are assembled by hand by our staff. From the tea being measured, the sampler being assembled, and the order going out the door, it's all human. We take great pride in doing our best to provide a great experience and a great product. And hey, if we make a mistake on your order, we own it and make sure to correct it at the most convenience we can provide.

Hear what others have said about us...

"Solstice brand leaf teas are absolutely wonderful. If you like tea, give up on stale tea bags and buy yourself a tea infuser and one of the Solstice selections and enjoy your morning with a pretty teacup and some lovely tea!" -PlantCrone

"Very good packaging and top-notch care were taken in the preparation of these tins and their precious commodities." -Steven Clark

"We are working our way along the great variety of fine tea! Thanks for such a fine product and such a fine gift!" -The Listermann Family


You know who we are, what we do, and why we're here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram-Twitter-Facebook which you can find just below here. Join our mailing list, and check out everything we have to offer. We are constantly creating new items, new sales, trying out new ideas, and just enjoying life.