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24-Tea Super Deluxe Sampler


 This sampler features 24 teas from all corners of the world giving a great taste of the wonderful world of tea. No fancy herbs & fruits labeled tea, this gives a taste of tea in all its forms including White, Green, Oolong, Black, Pu-erh, Smoked, and Herbal.
This sampler includes the following teas:

Lapsang Souchong(Black-Smoked)  Blackberry(Black)

English Breakfast(Black) Irish Breakfast(Black)

Lychee Congou(Black) Raspberry(Black)

Ceylon Estate(Black) Strawberry Kiwi(Black)

Vanilla(Black) Gold Rush Passion Peach(Black)

Black Currant(Black) Earl Grey(Black)

  2 Random Darjeeling Indian Teas (Black)

Fujian Jade(Green) Sencha(Green) 

Magnolia(Green) Cloud Mist(Green)

Gunpowder(Green) Pan Fired(Green)

Bai Mu Dan(White)

Formosa BT(Oolong)


Pu-erh Xiao Yeh(Fermented) 

Each tin is ½ cup volume giving you .75 to 1.5 ounces of tea depending on tea leaf density. This gives you approx 16-18 servings of each tea, or plenty enough servings to discover what you love.