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Pu-erh Lovers Kombucha Blend


Pu-erh Kombucha is notorious for creating some of the healthiest SCOBY's possible. Pu-erh tea is a tea created through a fermenting process that can take months and even years. This creates a rich and full flavor unique to the time fermented.

Pu-erh being fermented itself, allows your SCOBY to become super-charged and produce a very healthy Kombucha with an intense flavor. Pu-erh is also known to aid digestion, lower cholesterol, as well as support a healthy circulatory system.


  • Packed in a resealable zipper bag for your convenience.
  • Also Great for hot tea.
  • 8oz tea blend can create approx. 240+ 8oz Cups, or 15 gallons.