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Iyerpadi Black Tea Sample


Iyerpadi Estate Black Tea is truly a star of the black tea world. This particular tea is fair trade and organically grown on the Iyerpadi Estate in South India. 
Iyerpadi Estate still maintains its fields with purely China jat cultivars (Camellia, sinensis), which it has done since its founding by the British in 1898. In fact, some parts of the Estate have original plants from that era still harvested from today.
Hands down one of the best black teas for use in iced tea in the world. Iyerpadi Estate won't cloud when cold, and the flavor profile lends itself well to a great iced black tea.
The elevation of the Iyerpadi Garden also contributes to its overall drinkability and superiority as an iced tea. At 4000 feet above sea level, and with ample rainfall, the plants thrive and help add to the full bodied malty black tea.
Each tin is ½ cup volume giving you .75 to 1.5 ounces of tea depending on tea leaf density. This gives you approx 16-18 servings of each tea, or plenty enough servings to discover what you love.

Approx. 50mg of Caffeine per 6oz cup