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Fujian Jade Oolong Tea


Fujian Jade Oolong is a prized Oolong originating in the Fujian Province, China. 

An extremely classic drinkers Oolong, great for your daily cup, or as a base for any blending or flavoring you may want to do. 

Extremely aromatic brew, with lingering notes of tropical fruits and fresh blooming flowers. An adventure for your senses.

Each tea is packed fresh to order in a foil zipper pouch and heat sealed to preserve freshness. Our foil bags are great storage options for your tea, with no need to repack into other canisters to preserve freshness. 

  • Approx. 30mg of Caffeine per 6oz cup
  • 4oz of loose tea makes approx. 57 cups of brewed tea
  • 8oz of loose tea makes approx. 114 cups of brewed tea