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Formosa Standard Oolong Tea Sample


Oolong is often called the point between black and green tea, a tea that is processed in a way that stops its oxidation between the two commonly known tea "colors".

Oolong is served as a house tea in Chinese restaurants across the world, and once you brew up a cup, you will likely know the familiar taste and aroma. 

Formosa Standard is a restaurant grade Oolong that has naturally occurring subtle notes of both roasted wood and currants. Oolongs are very welcoming teas absent from the harshness of black teas and the vegetal tendencies of green.

Each tin is ½ cup volume giving you .75 to 1.5 ounces of tea depending on tea leaf density. This gives you approx 16-18 servings of each tea, or plenty enough servings to discover what you love.

Approx. 30mg of Caffeine per 6oz cup