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Fannings Green Tea Sample


Fannings are commonly associated with the tea used in commercially produced tea bags. The tea is ground and sifted, with the finished tea leaves being only slightly larger than standard ground black pepper. 
This allows for lower weight by volume, with less tea going much much further. Fannings can create somewhere around 3X the number of cups of tea per oz that full leaf teas. 
Fannings require paper tea bags, cotton bags, or an infuser with small holes as to not allow for the small particles to pass through the infuser into the tea. 
Fannings are great for daily drinking use, and perfect for making iced tea with a paper filter.
Each tin is ½ cup volume giving you .75 to 1.5 ounces of tea depending on tea leaf density. This gives you approx 16-18 servings of each tea, or plenty enough servings to discover what you love.
Approx. 20mg of Caffeine per 6oz cup