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Oolong tea is considered by many the superior tea of all teas types. This is likely because not only does Oolong tea utilize some of the most choice leaves from very specific locations, but also the lengthy process in which it is created.
Oolong tea undergoes the following process to achieve choice flavor: The leaves are wilted, basket tossed, oxidized, baked or panned, rolled, dried,and finally fired. 
This process causes Oolong to posses the greatest range of flavors. These flavors can vary from sweet and fruity, to robust and bold, to even a fresh leafy green flavor.
Tea is a long respected tradition along with tea estates perfecting the art of growing, harvesting, and treating the tea leaves to the desired perfection.  It's no wonder why Solstice Tea Traders sources from these renowned & respected estates for our tea. 

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