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Solstice Tea Traders

China Sencha Green Tea


Crisp and refreshing full leaf Chinese Green Tea, steamed and processed in the Japanese style to create a flat beautiful loose leaf tea.

A bright and clean green tea with a clean mouthfeel and crisp finish. Widely enjoyed by experienced and beginning tea drinkers alike.

A great tea for daily consumption, hot or cold.

Each tea is packed fresh to order in a foil zipper pouch and heat sealed to preserve freshness. Our foil bags are great storage options for your tea, with no need to repack into other canisters to preserve freshness. 

  • Approx. 20mg of Caffeine per 6oz cup
  • 4oz of loose tea makes approx. 57 cups of brewed tea
  • 8oz of loose tea makes approx. 114 cups of brewed tea