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Solstice Tea Traders Black Tea

Black Tea was said to have made it's debut in ancient China as a sort of "Happy Accident" while creating green or white tea after prolonged exposure to the sun. The first official black tea of these being the smoky, savory Lapsang Souchong.

Black tea is one of the easier teas to create as treatment of the leaves involves only a few steps:
Sun Wilting or Indoor Wilting, Light crushing or Full Oxidation, Rolling, & Drying. This process is what creates the typical appearance of all loose leaf black tea as dark pitched rolled leaves.

What we are left with are the amazing flavors which range from mild and interesting, to robust and classic.

Tea is a long respected tradition along with tea estates perfecting the art of growing, harvesting, and treating the tea leaves to the desired perfection. It's no wonder why Solstice Tea Traders sources from these renowned & respected estates for our tea. 

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