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"Creativi-Tea" Create Your Own Blend Starter Kit


Who hasn't ever thought to themselves while enjoying a warm cup of tea, "I wonder what this black tea would taste like with a hint of Lavender. No wait! Lavender and Rose! What about Lavender, Rose, & Ginger!?"
While we don't exactly suggest you become a mad scientist, we do encourage everyone to experiment and have fun with finding interesting flavors.
This "Creativi-Tea" kit includes the following: Twelve Tins w/ Tea and Herbals & Suggested Blend Combinations *Wooden Display Not Included*
This kit features twelve tins containing the following:
China Black Tea x 2
Sencha China Green x 2
Rooibos Herbal x 2
Rose Petals
One Empty Tin to Shake Your Blend Together
Each tin is ½ cup volume giving you .75 to 1.5 ounces of tea depending on tea leaf density. This gives you approx 16-18 servings of each tea, or plenty enough servings to discover what you love.